Reusing waste

Van Krimpen Trading takes great care about humans, animals and the environment. That single use of plastics does not contribute to it we realized years ago already. Since then we are doing something about it actively. Collecting plastics for our own recycling department.

Van Krimpen is a supplier of plastic products for the professional horticulture industry. Our customers expect our products to be of a high quality. Yet these products do not necessarily need to be produced out of new material.

Recycling Plastics

Recycling - Van Krimpen

By collecting plastics from our customers and other partners and delivering it to our suppliers, we keep this precious resource in our own production cycle. Unnecessary, used or rejected industrial plastic products can be collected and shredded by us. These are, for example, used pots, trays, orchids collars, plastic sticks and clips, but also residues of sleeves. We know what these products are made of and therefore don’t need an additional separation of different plastics. This collection is an efficient start of the recycling of plastics.

Plastic waste from households

In addition to industrial plastic, we also use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. This plastic collected from households is processed by us and used as raw material for a product line of pots and trays. Watch the video to see how we complete the plastic circle.

New life

High requirements are applicable for products used for food, toys or medical purposes so many recyclable materials do not qualify. Gladly that’s different for raw material to produce pots and trays. The waste stream that can only be used for a few applications, will get a new life with our products. Even for several times. It is important though that different types of plastics are collected separately. Not everything can in fact be used interchangeably.

Local resource

Plastic Chips
Plastic Chips

The collection and shredding of plastics is done locally. This mens we have to get less raw material from countries far away. The transportation of our resources is limited and so limits the carbon footprint too. By using recycled material and continuing to (re)use, the cost price is also limited, which is an important factor for our customers.